Maggy Van Eijk knows where the best place to cry in public is: the top deck of a bus, right at the front. She also knows that eating super salty liquorice or swimming in an icy cold pond are things that make you feel alive but aren't bad for you. Turning 27, Maggy had the worst mental health experience of her life so far. She ended a three-year relationship, was almost fired (twice), went to A&E over twelve times, saw three different therapists and had three different diagnoses. But she didn't let that year stop her. Taking pen to paper, Maggy started writing lists. Lists to remind her when she's anxious or when the world won't stop spinning, that everything will be okay, whether it's starfishing her heart out in bed first thing in the morning, or just simply phoning a friend. In her brave and important book, with a brand new chapter, Maggy lays bare the true reality of mental illness in the hope it can help others come out the other side too.
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A heartbreaking, hilarious exploration of one young woman's quest for happiness in a world defined by her depression. For fans of Matt Haig's Reasons to Stay Alive and Bryony Gordon's Mad Girl.
Maggy has a brilliant social media following, of 22.9k followers on Twitter. She is an extremely popular mental health writer, and has contact throughout the industry as social media editor for Buzzfeed.
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Originally from The Netherlands, Maggy moved to London to complete her MA in Writing For Stage and Broadcast Media at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She spent a few years freelancing and selling Häagen-Dazs in West End theatres until she became the Social Media Editor for BuzzFeed. She now works as a Social Media Manager for BBC Studios. Maggy has been writing about mental health for five years, and helped the BBC launch their 1in4 campaign during their mental health season. Maggy is based in London, and you can connect with her on Twitter @maggyvaneijk.