The weight of social responsibility in public relations (PR) has never been more pronounced. Ensure the professionalism and credibility of your business using the practical tips and guidance in this book, written by a leading academic in the field and recommended for PR students and practitioners alike. Ethical practice in any professional discipline is guided by age-old philosophical perspectives, but its modern parameters are continually evolving. Ongoing developments in technology, social media and social contexts mean that public relations and its practices are constantly changing, and so do the ethical questions faced by practitioners in the field. Face the ethical questions and dilemmas that are inherent to public relations and ensure you practice across the public relations spectrum in an ethical and socially responsible manner with this fully updated guide, packed with useful tools and insights to support those in PR and corporate communications. Engaging and accessible, Ethics in Public Relations offers a lively exploration of the key ethical concerns present in the public relations world today, written by an accredited academic with over 26 years' professional experience in the field. Fully updated, this third edition includes an entirely new chapter on the uses of ethics in social media, covering topical issues such as blogger engagement and the relationship between employee social media activity and organizational reputation.
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Practice across the public relations spectrum in an ethical and socially responsible manner with this fully updated guide packed with useful tools and insights.
Section - PART 1: What Lies BeneathChapter - 01: Before we begin: New profession... or one of the oldest?Chapter - 02: Lies, truth and honesty: their role in PR practiceChapter - 03: Truth, trust and the virtue of being 'good'.Chapter - 04: Whose rights are right?Chapter - 05: The trouble with rulesChapter - 06: Utilitarianism: Right acts and wrong reasonsSection - PART 2: Ethics and the PractitionerChapter - 07: Your moral development: Cultivating respect and humilityChapter - 08: Codes of ethics: The good, the bad and the (almost) uglyChapter - 09: Conflicts of Interest: Sex and other relationship issuesChapter - 10: (Very) personal ethical decisions: Whistle-blowing and moonlightingSection - PART 3: Strategies and DilemmasChapter - 11: Public Relations ethics and traditional mediaChapter - 12: Public Relations ethics and social mediaChapter - 13: Persuasion propaganda and advocacy: The ethics of influenceChapter - 14: Supporting 'good causes': bad ethics or bad taste?Chapter - 15: Deceptive authorship: Ghost-writing and plagiarismSection - Part 4: Organizations, Ethics and PRChapter - 16: Making decisions: The true reality of everyday ethicsChapter - 17: PR and the corporate ethics programmeChapter - 18: The future of ethical PR: education and leadershipChapter - 19: Appendix 1: For your bookshelfChapter - 20: Appendix 2: Chartered Institute of PR Code of ConductChapter - 21: Appendix 3: Guidelines for the ethics audit
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"This book offers students and practitioners of public relations a lively and engaging conversation around everyday ethics. Patricia Parsons challenges us to reflect on our hidden assumptions and darker motives when issuing misleading news releases, concealing sources or even using the office copier for personal stuff. There should be a copy by every PR water cooler." * Johanna Fawkes, Senior Lecturer in Public Relations, Charles Sturt University, Australia. Author of Public Relations Ethics and Professionalism: the Shadow of Excellence (Routledge, 2014) *"Too often, the PR industry finds itself jammed between those who see ethics as irrelevant and those who view it as a branch of moral philosophy. Many of our colleagues hear 'ethics' and turn off altogether. 'Ethics in Public Relations' provides a pragmatic antidote to this malaise. Rooted in reality and pointing to professionalism, it reminds us of our societal responsibility. It's readable, digestible and provocative. Whether you consider yourself to be a student, a scholar or neither, I contend that you ought to be both. As such, this book challenges you head on. 'Do unto others as you would have them do to you' isn't a platitude, it's our raison d'etre. Read, learn, implement and enjoy!" * Jason MacKenzie, Found. Chart. PR Chartered Marketer FCIPR FCIM; Managing Director, Liquid; 2017 President, Chartered Institute of Public Relations *"Rooted in reality and pointing to professionalism, Ethics in Public Relations reminds us of our societal responsibility. It is readable, digestible and provocative." * Jason MacKenzie, Managing Director, Liquid *"Praise for previous edition: Should be a required textbook for any student or practitioner of public relations. Highly recommended." * Choice *
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Demonstrates that an individual's sense of morality has an impact on decision making and ethical business behaviour, and helps managers account for this in business practice. Helps practitioners understand and react to ethical consequences in the face of fast-moving technological advances. Explores the concept of personal ethics spilling into the professional realm in relation to topical issues such as sexual harassment and social media. Relates underlying ethical issues such as utilitarianism and moral relativism to everyday issues. Fully optimized digital resources, including a PR Ethics wiki and access to the author's Professional Issues blog.
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Patricia J Parsons APR, FCPRS spent 26 years as a faculty member and former chairman in the Department of Communication Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Canada retiring recently as a full Professor. Her research, writing and teaching focused on public relations ethics and strategy, and healthcare communication. She is the author of a dozen books and numerous papers for the professional and lay press. She is accredited in public relations and is a member of the Canadian Public Relations Society's College of Fellows. Prof. Parsons lives in Toronto and can be reached via email at or via Twitter @ethicsinpr.