Is there anything more galling than a fat cat who got the cream? We all know of someone who has indulged themselves a little too much. How about Chuck Blazer, alleged to have collected untold millions during his 20-year reign at FIFA with a staggering $29 million in credit card charges to help fuel his extravagant lifestyle, which included a pricey Trump Tower apartment for his cats. Or the chief executive of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals who pocketed over $250,000 a year in salary while closing a rescue centre due to its high running costs... of approximately $16,000. These, and many more, are true stories included in the Purrlitzer Prize-winning Fat Cats. Each spread features a photograph or photomontage of an engorged feline, such as squeezed into a fridge tucking into its contents, celebrating with champagne or rolling on piles of dollar bills. Along with amusing text to accompany the image, there is also a paragraph on real-life fat cats caught in the act - the kind of fat cats who give Wall St and excess a bad name. Featuring a colour photo or photomontage of each feline felon, Fat Cats is a fun book of 45 funny images and quirky real-life cases.
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Fat Cats is a fun book with images of feline felons combined with quirky cases of real-life human fat cats caught in the act.
Partying Like it's an 1869 Fare Dodging's the Ticket Gangster Bankers Feline Good House Trained Liquidity Puss Catholic Tastes Cat on the Fiddle In the Laptop of Luxury Investment Oppawtunities Catcalling Three Strokes and You're Out A Furball Too Far Selfie Pawtraits Doing It Fur Charity Cat That Got the Cream Cat Denies Feathering Nest Bum Notes Catnip and Tuck Purrsonal Finance The Great Rock & Roll Swindle Furrari Fur of a Kind When Payload Hits Paydirt Catatonic The Dentist Wears Prada Porsche Perk is the Cat's Pyjamas Definitely Off Trail The Wolf of Wall Street Meow-ow-ow Cat Burglar The Emperor's New Catsuit Welcome to My Hotel California The Tail of the Banana King Running a Bar Tabby Cat Masters Abacus Pirouetting Puss Chick Feed Cat Breaks Bank The Name's Bond, Junk Bond Dethroned and Declawed Fur Real Fat Cat Feathers Nest A Lickety-Split Flit Sweeping it Under the Carpet
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Kat Scratching is an author and editor living and working in London, UK. She has written numerous articles on animal (mis)behaviour. Kat lives alone and she doesn't have a cat.