Researchers conducting interviews in the social sciences quickly find that there is no single best way to approach their task. This text offers a critique of traditional interviewing practices and provides a framework for thinking about issues such as trustworthiness, identity and language in a conceptual rather than technical context, allowing you to develop your own reflexive practice. The research interview is in with the brick and mortar of qualitative research, and is one of the routine methods of obtaining knowledge of individuals, groups and organizations. Through the use of eight original metaphors drawing on trends in language, subject and discourse, this cutting-edge text will encourage you to question the interpretive nature and theoretical underpinnings not only of your interview method, but of the knowledge which is conveyed through it. This text is essential reading for postgraduate students of qualitative methods and researchers looking to more clearly conceptualise their interviewing practice and explore its theoretical basis.
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Using eight original metaphors, this text presents a critique of interviewing methods and practices and encourages researchers to think about the issues surrounding their interview method.
Introduction Views on Interviews: A Sceptical Review Practical Aspects on Interview Studies A Metaphor Approach Rethinking Interviews: New Metaphors for Interviews Reflexivity: A Framework Implications for Research Practice Conclusion
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I would recommend this book to postgraduates and experienced scholars...Alvesson has certainly made me (re)consider the interviews I have completed and how/what I'll do in the future. Some of his reasons have been acknowledged elsewhere, but this book presents the interview act more fully and comprehensively than any I've read'Brian T. GearityThe Qualitative Report This book is very useful for all kinds of interview practitioners/researchers offering them a rich theoretical framework for conducting and interpreting interviewsStanislava Yordanova StoyanovaMethodspace
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Mats Alvesson holds a chair in the Business Administration department at Lund University in Sweden and is also part-time professor at University of Queensland Business School and at City University, London. He has done extensive research and published widely in the areas of qualitative and reflexive methodology, critical theory, organizational culture, knowledge work, identity in organizations, gender, organizational change, leadership etc. His latest books include Reflexive Leadership (with Blom and Sveningsson, SAGE, 2016) and Return to Meaning: A Social Science with Something to Say (with Gabriel and Paulsen, University Press, 2017).