Technology can have huge benefits for the HR function. Whether it's saving time by streamlining processes, boosting engagement by enabling analysis of people data or improving employee development by allowing staff to access the content they need on different platforms, wherever and whenever they need it; the opportunities are vast. However, with more apps, software and platforms than ever before, the volume and variety of available technologies can be overwhelming. This makes it extremely difficult for HR professionals to know where to start when assessing what technologies are out there and which are worth investing in. Introduction to HR Technologies addresses these issues in clear, accessible and jargon-free language and is an indispensable guide for HR professionals needing to get to grips with technologies and understand how to use them to add tangible business value. Covering all the core areas of HR including recruitment, performance management, learning and development (L&D) and reward, Introduction to HR Technologies allows practitioners to identify areas where technologies can be used to drive performance and what to look for when assessing technological solutions. There is also discussion of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) and what they mean for HR. This book is essential reading for all HR professionals looking to use technology confidently to increase performance, improve processes and add value to both employees and the business as a whole.
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Get to grips with where technology can add value to HR activity and assess which technologies are best suited to individual issues with this practical guide.
Chapter - 00: Preface;Chapter - 01: What is Human Resources technology?;Chapter - 02: The history of HR technology use;Chapter - 03: Who uses HR technology?;Chapter - 04: Who owns HR technology?;Chapter - 05: Core HR administration applications;Chapter - 06: HR service delivery applications;Chapter - 07: Time management applications;Chapter - 08: Talent management applications;Chapter - 09: HR analytics and planning;Chapter - 10: Emerging HR technology and the future of work;Chapter - 11: HR technology as an environment;Chapter - 12: The HR systems strategy;Chapter - 13: The journey continues - Keep learning
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"At the heart of every organization is the workforce and ensuring its effectiveness is the responsibility of HR technology. By sharing her deep knowledge and significant experience in managing accelerated change, author Stacey Harris has delivered an innovative and practical handbook about the technologies that move business forward every day." * Jeanne Achille, CEO, The Devon Group *"Introduction to HR Technologies is essential reading for professionals at all levels working in the HRIS arena as it covers every facet of the HR landscape including past, present, and future. It is an easy read that provides practical advice and thought-provoking questions to help you assess your current environment and grow your company." * Alison Silvester, AVP IT Leader of S&D IT, The Hartford *"Finally, a book for leaders that can actually make your work life better. Stacey does an exceptional job capturing the intimate details of the ever-changing state of work, human resources, and HR technology. She breaks down complexities and outdated thinking, challenges people to think about human resources and technology differently and tackles the intersection of work and life. Her thoughtfulness and care for bringing human resources and HR technology closer to the business is a welcomed approach for leaders everywhere."" * Lisa Sterling, Chief Administrative and HR Officer, Evercommerce *"Technology's role in continuing to position HR as critical to business performance is crucial - this book does a great job in exploring the impact it has had in the past, and opportunities for the future. It gives you insights as an HR leader on how, and why, you need to think about technology as a key part of your plan. Important food for thought!" * Lisa Stafford, Professor of Management, Director of Graduate MS in Management program, Fairfield University *"I could not put it down. As I read through this book, my thought was that it cannot come fast enough. With Human Capital at the top of the pyramid, we need to unleash our HR department to deal with the new realities and get away from the PROCESS focus. Reskill and have this department laser-focused on building a high-performance workforce to increase business outcomes. This is such welcome news, and every progressive HR leader needs to rethink not only their role, but the team's role. This takes us to a reskilling/upskilling effort like we have never witnessed before." * Ron Thomas, Managing Director, Strategy Focused Group *"Whether you are on point to find the best fit technology solution or you are new to the field of HR, this book is the primer you need to go from 0-60 on HR Technology. Stacey Harris is a master at informing you without overwhelming you with extraneous detail. Along the way, you'll enjoy her real-world stories - always keeping the "human" in HR Tech." * Leighanne Levensaler, EVP of Corporate Strategy, Workday & Co-Head Workday Ventures *"This is the kind of book you keep on your desk with pages folded, binder cracked, coffee stains on the cover - well-worn from thumbing through it again and again. An essential reference guide for seasoned HR technologists and aspiring people operations professionals alike." * Kyle Lagunas, GM Global Talent Acquisition Lead *"As we are emerging from a tumultuous 18 month period of time where the need for real time insights about our employees has never been more critical, Introduction to HR Technologies provides HR and technology practitioners with the roadmap they need to fully understand their HR tech investments. Stacey Harris is a terrific writer and researcher who does a great job of laying out the strategic and practical realities of why HR technology matters now more than ever before, and how to leverage these solutions to achieve your performance and process objectives." * Kim Seals, Investor, Advisor, Board Member *"HR Technology has become everyone's responsibility, but it can be unclear what it means and where to start. Utilizing her extensive data from the Sapient Insights annual HR System Survey, Stacey brings real world insights to educate the reader about HR Technology and importantly why you should care." * Michael Krupa, Senior Director, Inclusive Growth, CISCO *"This book is a terrific primer for HR Professionals and a must-read for anyone who's buying HR solutions. Stacey Harris offers a truly insightful and easy to understand reference on how anyone in the people function can use HR Technology to contribute to an amazing outcome-focused organization." * Anita Lettink, Speaker and Analyst, HRTech Radar *
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Stacey Harris is the Chief Research Officer, Managing Partner of Sapient Insights Group where she oversees their industry research work, including the esteemed Annual HR Systems Survey and White Paper, now in its 24th year. She sits on the IHIRM Board of Directors, as Vice Chair and is frequently included in Human Resource Executive (R) and the HR Technology Conference's Top 100 HR Tech Influencers list. She is a frequent speaker at HR events both in the U.S. and abroad, and regular podcast host as an industry researcher and analyst.