Bridging the gap between studies orientated around parenthood and those on the 'globalization' of childhood, Parenting After the Century of the Child provides a timely intervention to the scholarship. It explores in depth negotiations of travelling ideals on childhood, showing the power of institutional implementations that affect parenting practices. Drawing on the latest research conducted in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and South East Asia, this book examines ideas currently travelling across the globe within institutional settings, providing new insights into the dynamics and ambivalences involved in the simultaneous reframing of childhood and parenthood. This truly global volume will appeal to anthropologists and sociologists with interests in gender, childhood studies and the sociology of the family.
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Addresses the questions surrounding family forms and gendered parenting; the primacy that is accorded to close biological relations at the expense of other bonds; responsibilities in education and child welfare institutions; and, the translation to local settings of international legislation.
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Contents: Parenting after the century of the child: introduction, Tatjana Thelen and Haldis Haukanes; Parenthood and childhood: debates within the social sciences, Haldis Haukanes and Tatjana Thelen; Part I Travelling Ideals about Relatedness, Family and Parenting Obligations: What is a good mother? Historical shifts, divergent models in urban Japan, Susan D. Holloway, Yoko Yamamoto and Sawako Suzuki; No school without foster families in Northern Benin: a social historical approach, Erdmute Alber; Growing up nuclear? Young Czechs' and Tunisians' visions of family, parenting and gender roles, Haldis Haukanes and Marit Tjomsland. Part II Negotiating Responsibilities in Education and Child Welfare Institutions: Child welfare, biopower and mestizo relatedness in Quito, Ecuador, Esben Leifsen; 'In the best interests of the child': intergenerational legacies of past Aboriginal child removal policies in Australia, Tiffany McComsey; 'Privatizing parenthood - modernizing childhood? Paradoxes of school reform in Eastern Germany, Tatjana Thelen; Representations of parenting practices of native and immigrant families in institutional care service settings in Barcelona, Marta Bertran. Part III Translating International Legislation to Local Settings: Custody and coming of age: 3 American cases, Randy Frances Kandel and Anne Griffiths; Child rights or wrongs: dilemmas in implementing support for children in the Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania, in the era of globalised AIDS approaches, Mai Bente Snipstad, Gro Th. Lie and Dagfinn Winje; Index.
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'This fascinating and rich collection offers a new perspective on how conceptions and practices of good parenting are shaped in the interplay between local cultures, institutional arrangements and practices and the impact of the circulation and transfer of international models. This book shows the contested and continually socially constructed nature both of parenting and of childhood. In a globalized context, tensions and contestations may appear both more evident and more dramatic.' Chiara Saraceno, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fA1/4r Sozialforschung, Germany 'This is a valuable contribution to understandings of parenting and childcare within families and in interactions between families and wider social and state institutions. The authors bring together insights from a wide range of cultural, historical and disciplinary perspectives in order to better understand the ways in which concepts of "good" parenting are constructed and transmitted across time and place in a globalizing world.' Rebecca Kay, University of Glasgow, UK
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Tatjana Thelen is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Haldis Haukanes is Associate Professor in the Department of Education and Health Promotion at the University of Bergen, Norway.