Addressing the pathology of the heart and cardiovascular system from a forensic perspective, Pathology of the Heart and Sudden Death in Forensic Investigations guides the pathologist toward the effective resolution of cases. It critically reviews pertinent facts by revisiting pathologic findings and comparing them to etiopathogenic hypotheses, proposing new ones substantiated by previously misinterpreted or ignored facts. It also presents recent findings on pediatric pathology. The book describes the basic functional anatomy of the heart, combining views on examination from clinical and pathological perspectives. It systematically examines patho-physiologic changes and specific heart diseases and emphasizes the benefits of communication between forensic specialists and clinicians in determining cause of death. The book also assists the forensic pathologist in the presentation and interpretation of the sequence of events in a court of law. Containing 150 color photographs that demonstrate forensic aspects of cardiopathology, the book offers a single source of pertinent information that is essential for every forensic pathologist to have when investigating a case.
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Discusses the pathology of the cardiovascular system from the forensic perspective. This book contains basic functional anatomy of the heart, combining views on examination from clinical and pathologic perspectives. It systematically treats patho-physiologic changes and specific heart diseases.
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INTRODUCTION, Giorgio Baroldi and Vittorio FineschiFUNCTIONAL ANATOMY OF THE HEART, Giorgio BaroldiBlood VesselsMyocardiumMyocardial InterstitiumHEART'S EXAMINATION, Giorgio Baroldi and Vittorio FineschiGross Examination Tissue SamplingQuantification of LesionsBASIC PATHOPHYSIOLOGIC CHANGES, Giorgio BaroldiMyocardium Fibrillar Collagen MatrixExtramural Coronary Arteries SPECIFIC HEART DISEASES AND SUDDEN CARDIAC DEATH, Giorgio Baroldi and Vittorio FineschiCoronary Heart DiseaseMyocarditisCardiomyopathies of Unknown NatureOrthotopic Transplanted Human HeartCongestive Heart FailureSudden Death In Other Cardiac Conditions ENDOCARDIAL LESIONS AND SUDDEN DEATH, Malcom D. SilverIntroductionInfective EndocarditisValvular Or Mural Thrombotic LesionsMyxomatous Degeneration Of Heart ValvesRheumatic Valvular DiseaseSudden Death In Patients Bearing Heart Valve ProsthesesOther Endocardial Lesions Associated With Sudden DeathLesions of the Tricuspid ValveLesions of the Pulmonary Valve Lesions of the Mitral Valve Periaortic Lesions SUDDEN CARDIAC DEATH IN INFANTS AND CHILDREN, Meredith M. Silver Introduction Sudden Death Between Birth and One YearSudden Death Between One Year and Adult LifeClassification of Cardiovascular Findings Associated with Sudden Death in ChildrenSudden Death from Congenital Heart DiseaseGenetic and Chromosomal Associations of Congenital Heart DiseaseLate Sudden Death After Surgical CorrectionSudden Death in Left Ventricular Outflow Tract ObstructionEbstein Anomaly of the Tricuspid ValveOther Surgically Treated Congenital Heart DiseasesEisenmenger Syndrome and Pulmonary HypertensionPathology of the Heart in Cases of Sudden Death Associated with Congenital Heart DiseaseSudden Death Associated with Coronary Artery Disease in ChildrenSudden Death in Diseases of Proximal Great Vessels and Heart ValvesSudden Death in Myocarditis and CardiomyopathiesSudden Death in Cardiac Tumors and Hamartomas Sudden Death Due to Cardiac Rhythm DisordersSudden Death in Conduction System DisordersSudden Death in Atrioventricular Conduction Block and Sick Sinus Syndrome CARDIAC ALTERATIONS IN SUDDEN INFANT DEATH (SIDS), Thomas Bajanowski and Berndt BrinkmannDefinitionMacroscopical Findings in SID at AutopsyPathological Findings and Disturbances in the HeartConclusions SUDDEN CARDIAC DEATH AND CHANNELOPATHIES, Emanuela Turillazzi, Kathryn A. Glatter, and Margherita NeriIntroductionThe Forensic ApproachDisorders of the Ion ChannelDisorders of the Heart Muscle INTERPRETATION OF PATHOLOGICAL CHANGES IN SUDDEN DEATH, Giorgio BaroldiMeaning of Pathological Findings in Sudden DeathReview of Specific ConditionsAdrenergic Stress and Related Morphopathology in CardiologyCoronary Heart Disease: Deficiences in Current Causal Hypotheses and Proposal for New Ones Conclusions CLINICAL TECHNIQUES FOR THE ANATOMIC AND FUNCTIONAL EVALUATION OF THE HEART, Antonio L'AbbateParameters of InterestAvailable TechniquesCardiac AnatomyCoronary AnatomyCoronary Vascular FlowMyocardial PerfusionVentricular FunctionIntracardiac FlowsMyocardial MetabolismMyocardial Tissue TypingElectrical AlterationsCARDIOVASCULAR TRAUMATIC INJURIES, Emanuela Turillazzi and Cristoforo PomaraIntroductionNon-Penetrating Traumas Penetrating Thoracic Traumas Iatrogenic TraumasCARDIAC SURGERY AND FORENSIC MEDICINE, Alberto RepossiniIntroductionExtracorporeal CirculationMyocardial RevascularizationVentricular AneurysmectomyValvular Surgery DRUG OF ABUSE AND PATHOLOGY OF THE HEART, Emanuela Turillazzi and Irene RiezzoIntroductionCocaineMDMA and MDEANarcotic AgentsAndrogenic Anabolic SteroidCannabis and CannabinoidsAPPENDIXREFERENCES
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"Fineschi, Baroldi, and Silver filled up a gap in the forensic literature with this can be recommended without reserve as a reference work especially for forensic pathologists." -T. Fracasso in International Journal of Legal Medicine "This book gives a profound insight into a multitude of cardiopathological aspects not only from a forensic perspective but also an overall perspective of death investigation. It is of practical relevance for all those involved in post mortem examinations and it may be of special interest to clinicians with a focus on cardiology." -Judith Schroeer, Specialist in Forensic Medicine, Germany
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