German public law has been taught in universities since the early 17th century and continues to this day to be a dominant subject in German legal culture, especially in its modern incarnations of constitutional and administrative law, and European and international law. Michael Stolleis's Public Law in Germany: A Historical Introduction from the 16th to the 21st Century, expertly translated by Thomas Dunlap, provides an account of the fundamental developments in public law that situates current debates in the German Federal Constitutional Court as well as the role of the nation-state in Europe more broadly. It further examines the role of fundamental rights through the lens of Germany's special administrative courts and discusses their important role in the advancement of German law. Written with students in mind, the book distils Stolleis's masterful four-volume History of Public Law in Germany, the third volume of which (1914-1945) was published by Oxford University Press in 2004. It is an invaluable companion to the understanding of German public law more generally.
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A concise and simplified summary and translation into English of the author's award-winning longer work Geschichte des oeffentlichen Rechts. It offers students an introduction to the history of German public law from the sixteenth century to the end of the twentieth century.
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1: Introduction 2: The Emancipation from Roman Law and the Change in the Sources of Constitutional Law 3: Elements of the Emerging Public Law 4: Reichspublizistik, Natural Law, International Law, and Gute Policy 5: Public Law Between Revolution and Restoration 6: St. Paul's Church [Paulskirche] 7: Imperial State Law 8: Administrative Law in the Early Industrial State 9: The Theory of State Law and Administrative Law under the Weimar Constitution 10: Controversies over Method and General Theories of the State 11: Administrative Law in the Weimar Republic 12: The National Socialist State and Its Public Law 13: Germany's Legal Status, Reconstruction, Two States 14: The New 'Value System' [Wertordnung] and the Restoration of the Rechtsstaat 15: The Social and Interventionist State of the Federal Republic 16: The State Law, International Law, and Administrative Law of the GDR 17: European Law and International Law 18: Reunification 19: Globalization and the Future of the State 20: Conclusion
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this little book is a true vade mecum ... for anyone seeking a primer on the development of German public law scholarship, this little book admirably fits the bill. * Martin Loughlin, Modern Law Review *The book succeeds admirably ... in presenting to a broader readership the arc of German public law thinking since its early-modern origins. * Justin Collings, International Journal of Constitutional Law *
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Michael Stolleis is a German jurist and legal historian. He is professor emeritus of public law and legal history at the Goethe University Frankfurt. From 1991 to 2009 he was the Director of the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History.