This major new textbook has been specifically written for students in Development Studies. It provides a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary picture of development research over the past generation. Organised around four major themes, it is the only textbook in this field to present critically the full range of theoretical approaches and current debates.
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Written specifically for students in development studies, this textbook aims to provide a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary picture of development research over the past generation. It critically presents the full range of theoretical approaches and current debates.
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PrefacePart I: Introduction1. Development Studies as a Subject Area2. The Theoretical Heritage and Controversial issues in Development Research3. Conceptions and Dimensions of developmentPart II: Economic Development and Underdevelopment4. Major Theoretical Currents in Development Economics5. Theories of Growth and Modernisation6. Structuralist Theories and Industrial Development7. Neo-Marxist Theories of Underdevelopment and Dependency8. Modes of Production and Social Classes9. The International Division of Labour and Transnational Corporations10. Focus on Agricultural Development11. Development with Limited Natural ResourcesPart III: Third World Politics and the State12. Political Development and State Building13. The Political Heritage and Forms of Regime14. Social Forces and Forms of Regime15. Decentralisation and Local-Level PoliticsPart IV: The State and Socio-Economic Development16. The State and the Development Process17. The Political Economy of Development18. State or Market?19. Development and SecurityPart V: Civil Society and the Development Process20. Dimensions of Alternative Development21. Poverty and Social Development22. The Political Economy of Civil Society23. Ethnic Identities, Nationality and Conflict24. People-Panaged DevelopmentPart VI: Theory Construction in Development Research25. A Critical Assessment of Development Theories
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'This comprehensive introduction to development theory will without doubt provide the baseline for research and teaching in the field well into the next millenium' - Professor BJORN HETTNE, University of Gothenburg 'Its lucid analysis of the rival perspectives will be a great help to both the clarity of perception and imagination of the serious student of development studies.' - Professor AMIYA KUMAR BAGCHI, Director, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta 'John Martinussen has written an extremely wide-ranging survey of development concepts, theories and strategies. His extensive knowledge and his skills of concise explanation make him a trustworthy guide for both students and general readers.' - Professor JOHN TOYE, Director, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
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John Degnbol Martinussen is currently study director for International Development Studies at Roskilde University, and Chairman of the Council for International Development Cooperation in Denmark. Over the years he has acted as a consultant to various international organisations including the UNDP. His recent books in English include: Pluralism, Competition and Choice (1995) and The Theoretical Heritage from Marx and Weber in Development Studies (1994).