War, Peace and International Relations provides an introduction to the strategic history of the past two centuries, showing how those 200 years were shaped and reshaped extensively by war. The book takes a broad view of what was relevant to the causes, courses, and consequences of wars. Written by leading strategist Professor Colin Gray, the book provides students with a good grounding in the contribution of war to the development of the modern world, from the pre-industrial era to the age of international terrorism and smart weapons. This second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated: It is the first one-volume strategic history textbook on the market;It covers all the major wars of the past two centuries;It is up to date and comprehensive, including a new section on the American Civil War, a new chapter on geography and strategy, and completely rewritten chapters on Iraq and Afghanistan in the 2000s and on irregular warfare. This textbook will be essential reading for students of strategic studies, security studies, war studies, international relations and international history.
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1. Strategic History, 1800-2025: Themes and Contexts 2. Carl von Clausewitz and the Theory of War 3. From Limited War to National War: The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Way of War 4. The Nineteenth Century, I: A Strategic View 5. The Nineteenth Century, II: Technology, Warfare, and International Order 6. The Great War and the Invention of Modern Warfare, 1914-18 7. The Twenty-Year Armistice, 1919-1939 8. The Second World War in Europe, I: The Structure and Course of Total War 9. The Second World War in Europe, II: Understanding the War 10. The Second World War in Asia-Pacific, I: Politics 11. The Second World War in Asia-Pacific, II: Strategy 12. The Cold War, I: Politics and Ideology 13. The Cold War, II: The Nuclear Revolution 14. War and Peace After the Cold War: The Interwar Decade 15. 9/11 and the Age of Terror
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'The author's discussions and clarity of thought and expression make this work ideal as a textbook for introducing civilian students and prospective military officers of the various military academies to the subject.' - Parameters
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Biographical note

Colin S. Gray is Professor of Politics and International Relations at the University of Reading, UK. He has published twenty-five books and innumerable journal articles.